Thursday, August 31, 2006

Feeling Flushed...

NEW YORK Aug 30, 2006 (AP)— Kyra Phillips, anchor of CNN's "Live From…," unwittingly upstaged President Bush's speech in New Orleans with on-the-air analysis of her husband and the marriage of her brother all live from a CNN ladies room.

Unaware that her wireless microphone was "live" during her potty break, Phillips could be heard overriding Bush's prepared address Tuesday as he was seen marking the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

The Atlanta-based Phillips, in conversation with an unidentified woman in an echoey room, dismissed most men with a vulgar term, but called herself "very lucky in that regard. My husband is handsome and he is genuinely a loving you know, no ego you know what I'm saying? Just a really passionate, compassionate, great, great human being. And they exist. They do exist. They're hard to find. Yup. But they are out there."

A few moments later, she observed that "brothers have to be, you know, protective. Except for mine. I've got to be protective of him." Why? "His wife is just a control freak."

At that point, another voice cut in: "Kyra."

"Yeah, baby?" replied Phillips on hearing her name.

"Your mike is on. Turn it off. It's been on the air."


I will give her this much... her talk was probably more interesting than Bush's speech!

Well... even if Kyra gets to keep her job at CNN... the comments made in the toilet (and well, across the nation) ought to make for a lot of family fun over the holidays!!

A Little Sunshine...

I need to ask... has anyone seen "Little Miss Sunshine" yet? It looks like a good indie film from the preview... but sometimes the preview can be a little misleading.

My dilemma is whether a movie is worth seeing in the theater... or if I should wait the 4 or 5 months for it to come out on dvd.

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Just Do It...

Check out the American Cancer Society's website for information about the walks this fall... there could be one in your state or even in your own town!

And if you can't participate in Making Strides... at least be sure that you (if you are female) get in for your mammogram!! And tell your mother, sister, grandmother, friend... or any other female you care about, to do the same. We've got to be aware that this disease affects 1 out of 8 women.

Prevention has to be the key until a cure is found!

Okay... I'll step off my soapbox now.
Thank you for your time!

I'm a Rockist

A great band is finally getting the recognition it deserves.
The Prime Ministers are not only great musicians...
but they are a bunch of great guys!!


Bands prepare for Friday's showdown
Melody Baetens / The Detroit News

It all comes down to this.
After more than 100 entries, a week of online voting and three semifinal showcases at area clubs, three bands will battle it out Friday in the finals of The Detroit News' Sonic Summer competition at the 2006 Chrysler Arts, Beats & Eats.

The finalists -- Free Element, The Prime Ministers and Pillar of Autumn -- each won their showcases at the Majestic Theatre, Magic Bag and Clutch Cargo's, respectively. The three bands will perform on The Detroit News/Comcast Stage on Friday. The winner will receive a boatload of prizes, including a performance on the National Stage at Arts, Beats & Eats on Sunday.

This is the second year for Sonic Street at Arts, Beats & Eats. The street is headed by The Detroit News/Comcast stage and is the home of the Sonic Summer contest finals. New this year is Comcast's involvement. Friday night's performances will be taped for rebroadcast for Comcast On Demand.

Sponsors for The Detroit News' Sonic Summer contest are Effigy Studios, ABC Warehouse, Axis Music Academy, StarShowz and WRIF-FM (101.1).


Also... check out their website (and mp3's) if you get a chance:

Good Luck... my friends!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Blaze of Glory It Is...

Andre's 6-7 (4), 7-6 (8), 7-6 (6), 6-2 victory over Andrei Pavel last night showed us all that he has the heart of a lion. It looked like the end of his career at several points in the evening... but Agassi continued to battle back.

Up next... Marcos Baghdatis. Go Andre...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Goodnight, Sweet Prince

"Tonight at Arthur Ashe Stadium, Agassi, now 36, will pack a venue again — not quite the player he was at 23 but a fully evolved man — to compete in the final tournament of his career, the 2006 U.S. Open.

The end likely will come swiftly, given his arduous draw. But whether he bows out to Andrei Pavel in the first round or plays on, Agassi will bow to all four grandstands afterward, as has been his custom these last years. It's his way of acknowledging that he understands playing tennis for a living is a privilege, not an entitlement to be squandered." - Seattle Times

I have liked Agassi since he was a young rebel with a mullet... and today I say goodbye and good luck to an amazing family man who transformed the game of tennis.

May he go out in a blaze of glory...

Friday, August 25, 2006

"Patiently" Waiting...


I am in the home stretch of a long wait for the new season of "Grey's Anatomy" to grace the small screen. It premieres on Thursday, September 21st @ 9pm est on ABC.

I hope the kids at Seattle Grace Hospital will keep up the fine work that they have shown throughout the last two seasons.

My biggest fear is their move to Thursday nights... will this work for them? I like the fact that they will now be on at 9pm instead of 10pm. But they've been riding on the coat tails of the "Desperate Housewives" crew... which I think helped them initially get off the ground. Now it will be up to us faithfuls to make our way to the Thursday night viewing... and hopefully some newcomers will come across this great show as they are flipping through the channels.

Tune in...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I've Been Living a Lie

PRAGUE, Czech Republic - Leading astronomers declared Thursday that Pluto is no longer a planet under historic new guidelines that downsize the solar system from nine planets to eight.

What next... telling me that there is no Santa Claus??!??

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Divided We Fall

"Leave it to 'Survivor' producer Mark Burnett to find the one thing you definitely didn't think he would do. As announced on this morning's 'Early Show,' the cast of the 13th 'Survivor' set in the Cook Islands and scheduled to premiere Sept. 14, will initially square off in teams divided by race. That's right: the season will begin with a bloated cast of 20, and they will be divided into four tribes, which the show is calling the White Tribe, the African-American Tribe, the Asian-American Tribe and the Hispanic Tribe." -MSNBC

Oh, this is just a great idea... Marko!

Let's Say it Together, Kids... FREAK!

"You'd have to be living on another planet not have noticed Tom Cruise's kooky behavior this past year: that couch incident on Oprah, the ceaseless plugging of Scientology, his excessively professed love for Katie Holmes. To Cruise's detriment one person who has definitely noticed is Sumner Redstone, his boss at Viacom. He's now said that the company's movie arm, Paramount Pictures, is giving Tom the boot."

Well all I can say is... it's about time!!

Over the years I have watched this gifted actor go from articulate interviews to becoming an absolute idiot everytime he opens his mouth in public. And for the first time in my life... I have stopped watching movies because of an actor's off camera antics.

What ever happened to the young man dancing in his Fruit of the Loom's in his parent's living room?!? I long for THAT Tom Cruise to come back to us.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Although I only spent 3 days in Venice... the city captured my heart. There is such a feeling of serenity while walking over bridges and along the quiet canals. That was one thing I couldn't get over...the silence. There is no traffic or road noise... just the sounds of water lapping against the walk's edge.

Here are a few photographs I had taken and transformed them into watercolor (thanks to Photoshop!).

Oh, Venezia... I will be breathing you in again someday!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Some Things Never Change

Well... I survived the reunion. It was a good time overall... seeing classmates that I haven't seen in 10 years.

The only downside to the whole day were the events that took place later in the evening. A select few of the male classmates decided to get very drunk and very loud. These are men nearing the 40-year mark and they were acting like idiots. I mean... come on, JELL-O SHOTS??!?? When was the last time I've done a Jell-O shot... yes, that's right... HIGH SCHOOL!! I went into this reunion thinking (hoping) that the last 20 years may have matured some of these losers... but no, some things never change.

A co-worker asked me today about the reunion... and if I had learned anything about myself (or others) from attending. The only thing that came to mind is that I am so thankful that I didn't end up marrying any of the guys in my class. The above paragraph should explain it all.

The upside to the reunion was that it only took about 10 minutes before we fell into our comfort zone of being with each other again. We will forever have this bond... growing up in a small town with each other. For better or worse... we are apart of each other... our past... our history. It's a good feeling...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Sweet Lilly

This is my little one. She came into my life by finding her way onto my porch and into my heart. I don't know who needed the other more. It's a perfect match!

20th Class Reunion

So this is it! My first official post is to announce my excitement and/or fears of attending my 20th high school reunion tomorrow. The majority of these people shared with me my first day of kindergarten... and stood by my side during our graduation ceremony. But 20 years have past... and although I think fondly of my classmates, I keep in touch with none of them.

What emotions will I have tomorrow? Will I have anything interesting to say to these people? How much of the conversation will be "remember when we lined up the beer bottles on the church sidewalk?"... or "who was it that you dated our sophomore year?" I hope we find a common ground... remembering the past, but also wanting to know about who we are today. I am so far removed from the girl I was in high school.

Whatever takes place tomorrow... I am going in with an open mind. Wish me luck!

I'll let you know how it goes...