Thursday, April 05, 2007


'A Christmas Story' Director Dies in Crash

Bob Clark, whose film "A Christmas Story" became a seasonal fixture for its bittersweet cataloguing of holiday dreams and disappointments, was killed with his son in a car crash. He was 67.

Clark and Ariel Hanrath-Clark, 22, were traveling on the Pacific Coast Highway in the Pacific Palisades when they were killed Wednesday, said Lyne Leavy, Clark's personal assistant. Their car was struck head-on by an SUV that a drunken driver steered into the wrong lane, police said.

"It's a tragic day for all of us who knew and loved Bob Clark," said Scott Schwartz, who played the flagpole-licking character Flick in "A Christmas Story" and kept in touch with Clark over the years. "Bob was a fun-lovin', jelly-roll kinda guy who will be sorely missed." -- AP


Another horrible tragedy as a result of a drunk driver... such a senseless death. There's not much else to say but... "Rest in Peace, Old Blue".


At 2:08 AM, Blogger Pamela said...

Drunk driving is such a preventable tragedy....
how do we stop it.

At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Arkansas Songbird said...

I was so sad to hear about this. Viewing Christmas Story over the holidays is a family tradition.


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